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Download WW3 WILL BRING THE ILLUMINATI, NWO & ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT - (ICKE) from youtube fastest. There are much formats available: flv, mp4, avi, webm, m4a..etc...

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A potential nuclear World War 3 will unleash the Illuminati, New world order and one world government to the global people. Yet another conspiracy theory by David Icke which needs to be taken into consideration. How will world war 3 begin? how will the world end? Doomsday. What does religion believe? What is the Illuminati?


US activist Rachel Corrie was killed by a moron Israeli soldier driving an earth-mover while protesting against the sickening and truly evil daily treatment of the Palestinians, but an Israeli judge has ruled that it was her own fault.

Can anyone imagine an Israeli judge in an Israeli court ruling that it was the result of an Israeli killer when Israel has its fake 'We are the victims' image to cultivate while having one of the best-equipped armies on the planet and a massive nuclear weapons stockpile - courtesy of the American government (taxpayer)?

This is the ludicrous man who is wheeled out to justify every Israeli atrocity against anyone. 'Israel can do no wrong, so it must be their own fault that they were obliterated by a bomb and that kid blown to bits by a tank shell was asking for it. He was a Palestinian after all. What else did he expect being a Palestinian kid sticking up his finger at a tank of the Chosen People?'

'Israel rejects the charge that we launched white phosphorous bombs against Gaza that burn alive anyone they strike.'

'What happened was that the Palestinians made a psychic attack on the brave Israeli soldier when he was about to press the button to release flowers and balloons and this made his finger slip onto the launch button for bubble bath which we hoped would help to keep the Palestinians clean after we destroyed their water supply.
The Palestinian psychic attack somehow turned the bubbles into white phosphorous and they were burned alive. They brought it upon themselves, as an Israeli judge ruled today in his independent judgement. We are a free and democratic country with a free judiciary - isn't that right judge?

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