The Believe Show At Seaworld minutes before Dawn Brancheau's death

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This video is from the Believe show at SeaWorld Orlando minutes before Dawn Brancheau was pulled into the pool during the "Dine with Shamu" event and brutally killed by orca Tilikum on February 24, 2010. SeaWorld has maintained that there were no problems with the whales on that day, yet this show was cut short due to the aggressive, uncooperative orcas. You'll notice the trainers disappear from the stage as they go behind the scenes to call the orcas into the back pool as things go awry. Several attempts were later made to restart the show but they were unsuccessful as the killer whales had other things on their mind other than performing. Minutes later, Dawn was pulled into the water by Tilikum in the Dine with Shamu pool "G" (located and inter-connected behind this pool "A" in Shamu Stadium)

A less-clear video of this same Feb. 24, 2010 Believe Show performance (from a slightly different angle) can be seen here:

For more about this incident, you can read Tim Zimmermann's report "Diary Of A Killer Whale: What Motivated Tilikum's Attack On Dawn Brancheau?" here:

Another aggressive incident between orcas occurred in this same pool in June, 2010 when Kalina was injured above her right eye after being rammed by Kayla. You can read about that incident, see pics and watch a video here:

You can also read more in The Orca Project's report "SeaWorld Trainer Death Theory Debunked as a Ponytail Tale" here:


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