Rude - Magic! (Daughter Version) Cover by Daiyan Trisha

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Here's my take on Magic!'s Rude! Love the song and I think it's super cheeky, so forgive me if I didn't do justice on the daughter version! Tehee. The writing that I did mostly corresponds to the lyrics of the original song and the viral dad version:

Original song:
Dad version:

I recorded the audio first and the video later, so forgive me for that one wrong word at the almost end! :p Hope you guys like it! Original ones coming soon :)

Love ya'll
xx, dt

Saturday morning, nervously waiting
Today is the day
He's gonna come and ask from my dad
The permission for marriage
Knocked on my door with a heart in his hand
Daddy gave him an answer
And things aren't really going so well

(You know what? I gotta do this)

Dad, can I have his last name for the rest of my life
Say yes, say yes, coz I need to know
To know I'll never get your blessings til the day I die
Is breaking me, daddy please don't say no

You don't have to be so rude
Don't you know he's human too
I know you're doing what a dad should do
And if I marry him anyway
Marry that boy, don't make him go away
Marry that boy, promise that he's okay
Marry that boy, we'll be a family

I don't understand why you're being so angry
We're taking it slowly
Just wanna assure you he is the man
That I wanna marry
Daddy please hear my say,
We have it all planned out
And if things don't go our way
We're not gonna give up


Daddy please don't say no
Don't ask him to go
Coz we'll always find our way....... back so please just say yes?

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