Putting the dog to sleep 24 hour PMV map -Complete

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Download Putting the dog to sleep 24 hour PMV map -Complete from youtube fastest. There are much formats available: flv, mp4, avi, webm, m4a..etc...

Addition, you can download direct mp3 file from this video without setup software.

ooookay! its finally done!

youtube made some parts glitch but i Tree to fix them but it won't work sorry.
a great thank you to everyone who joined this.

so the putting together of this map took for ever because premiere was being a pain in the but

the lovely participants:

1Mother bird
2Rogue Wolf 44
4Sometime Slime
5 Rickie Kerr
7neon bing
8FrostyDuhSnowKitty done
9Ruah shattered425
10 AddictiveSushi
11Skyheart WarriorArtist
12 me

song is- putting the dog to sleep by the antlers

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