Kuchh Is Tara - Episode 100 - Full Episode

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Although Kanya should be happy about the fact that her contract marriage is soon going to end, she feels upset. Has she fallen in love? Watch this episode to find out!
Love is in the air. Breaking away from all norms, Kuchh Is Tarah is a new age love story that takes its viewers through the journey of most middle class girls who await their prince charming. Kanya hails from a middle class family and lives with her doting father and siblings. Life for Kanya has never been so good she meets her prince charming Aayan at the most unexpected time. Aayan is the perfect man young, dashing and rich. With each passing day, the love between the two grows and finally reaches a peak only till Ranbir enters. He is a cynic whoinstantly reacts at the very mention of love and marriage. Ranbir manages to create a rift between Kanya and Aayan. From here on begins the journey of Kanya. Join Kanya and take off on her flight to fantasy where love and dreams never end.


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