Imam Mahdi Physical Evidence

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Official Website of HRE Imam Mahdi Eliyahu, the custodian of the Holy Grail. and
The Holy Grail unveiling to the public shall be at the official coronation of Hazrat Mahdi as King of the Kingdom of Jerusalem , Al Quds. The Holy Grail declares in paleo-Hebrew the sacred name "Yah Allah." The Holy Grail has the written signature of its author and artist "Mosheh" declaring the rightful heir to the throne. The Holy Grail is a Hebrew phrase meaning "the stone-vessel made by the feet at Sinai (for)Yom Kippur." See the Photo evidences 'vessel of Moses' segment.
This is the revelation of Hazrat Imam Mahdi is now here with the fulfillment of his appearance in year 1430 (2009).
The Mystery of Al-Khadir-Ilyas is now revealed.


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