iLoome ScreenMate Max Screen Protector for iPhone 6+: Edge to Edge Protection!

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The iLoome ScreenMate Max offers edge-to-edge protection for your iPhone 6 Plus screen by fusing a sheet of flat tempered glass with a slightly curved metal alloy frame. This allows the manufacturer to get past the problem of flat glass not fitting the iPhone 6/6 Plus’s curved screen edges. It offers considerable protection to your iPhone’s screen as it covers the entire front of the phone. The metal alloy frame comes in three colors: silver, gold and space grey, so you can match the color of your iPhone. Unfortunately, I got sent a gold ScreenMate Max for my space grey 6 Plus for review purposes, so the colors didn’t exactly match, but that’s ok—it jazzed up the look of the front of my iPhone for sure!

What’s great about the iLoome ScreenMate Max?
1. Relatively easy install. I didn’t have any problems with bubbles or non-adhesion. The tricky bit is getting it lined up correctly!
2. Excellent oleophobic coating
3. Tempered glass screen feels deliciously slippery under your fingers

What’s not so great?
1. This edge-to-edge screen protector will not work with many cases due to the fact that it adds thickness along the edge of the iPhone. Cases that I tried that worked with this screen protector were the Kavaj Dallas, Kavaj Tokyo, Verus Dandy Layered Wallet, and Verus Damda Slide. Ones that didn’t work were the Thule Atmos X3, Ballistic Jewel, Tech21 Classic Shell, Urban Armor Gear Valkyrie, Magpul Field Case, and Doc Artisan Sport Combo Wallet Case.

Conclusion: The iLoome ScreenMate Max does an excellent job protecting the front of your iPhone with its combination tempered glass/metal alloy design. It installs relatively easily and once on, its optical clarity and oleophobic coating are impressive. It also feels very slick and nice to the touch. The iLoome ScreenMate Max comes in silver, gold and space grey and can be purchased directly from iLoome as well as through It retails for $39.99, but is on sale at the time of this review for $32.99:

For a more detailed review, please feel free to check out the review on my review blog:

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