Crickets Choir

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Download Crickets Choir from youtube fastest. There are much formats available: flv, mp4, avi, webm, m4a..etc...

Addition, you can download direct mp3 file from this video without setup software.

Long version without spoken words. Loved this audio/video so much I had to make an audio only version for long listening. I don't know where this audio came from, all I know is that I like it and looped it for about ten minutes to make this audio track. Some say it is from robbie robertson - twisted hair. I've listened to it and it is very similar but I like this better since there are no corny spoken words. The following text is from the video I downloaded to make this track.

This unusual recording contains two tracks...
1st Track: The natural sound of crickets chirping.
2nd Track: The sound of the crickets slowed down frame by frame to match and mirror the length of the average lifespan of a human being.

The angelic chorus you hear accompanying the sound of the crickets is NOT a synthesizer or a chorus singing, it's the crickets themselves (slowed down) creating the effect. Really an amazing thing they've accomplished here. This recording can be played continuously in the Background to create a natural soothing atmosphere for calming and healing.

Gods Cricket Chorus was created in (1992) By
Jim Wilson & David Carson


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