Chemical Guys - Hybrid V7 + Blacklight Radiant Finish Protection System

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Black Light/Hybrid V7 Combo

Chemical Guys Blacklight and Hybrid V7 High Gloss Spray Sealant are the newest innovations in the world of car care. The unique tag-team combo allows the true shine and beauty of your paint to be a vibrant as ever while also providing the highest level of protection that only the Chemical Guys can offer. No matter what the situation, Blacklight and Hybrid V7 will make any color car, truck, or motorcycle look amazing!!!

The brain child of 3 years of research done by Chemical Guys Thailand in conjunction with Chemical Guys USA to developing a durable extremely vibrant Hybrid Finish that would deliver the maximum level of color vibrancy and optical brightness while withstanding the harsh and humid climates of Thailand and the vigorous testing of our OEM and professional users

Black light was originally released for sale only in Thailand as a 1 year test study... the results were amazing. In order to test products under various climates and conditions, a series of products were sent to the UK and Thailand where further testing would be conducted on 2 very specific products, Hybrid V7 and Black Light. To say the least, we were very happy with the results.

ack Light Radiant Finish is crafted and formulated especially for car lovers who aim for the smoothest , sharpest and wettest reflection possible with strong durability ,ease of application and anti static property.

Black Light Radiant Finish has a fully synthetic nano blended formulation with a massive emulsion of gloss enhancers coupled with the new bi - blend technology that leaves one crazy slick finish .

The new blending technology allows for vastly homogeneous mixture resulting in an extremely smooth finish once the applied layer is fully and properly cured.

For best results apply by hand via a foam or Microfiber applicator. Apply in a thin and even coat. Due to the Nano blending formulation BLACK LIGHT will blend and cure in around 15 minutes, then use a plush microfiber towel to buff off. To reach optimum results allow 30 minutes before reapplying a second coat

Hybrid V7- Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant

When selecting to design a new sprayable sealant and hybrid gloss enhancer spray detailer we decided to work from the ground up. We wanted something that was unthinkable, a product that would vanish into the finish instantly. A durable sealant that would disappear into the surface in a single wipe delivering long lasting superior optical-clarity and a high-shine slick finish. Hybrid V7 has undergone extensive testing to deliver a superior high gloss, wet shine, deep, reflective finish that takes any surface, wax or base sealant to the next level. Hybrid V7 works at a nano-spec level and bonds to surfaces instantly while its hybrid fast-flash technology virtually disappears into your finish leaving a durable streak-free high gloss, slick, non-stick finish.

Three years in the making and it is finally here! We asked our long time friends and customers to test over 53 different new formulations in an effort to create a product unlike any other. We shipped samples all over the world from Thailand and China to the UK and even Romania. We wanted your feedback ! What we got back was nothing short of amazing, out of 53 different samples that went out to over 300 different testers, virtually everyone came back raving and ranting about the same sample #23771-V7. Thanks to all the amazing friends and clients world wide that made the new Hybrid V7 what it is!


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